All seminars are structured sessions starting with an intense motivating wrestling warm up to get you..

Wrestling 4 Rugby

Wrestling for rugby- It's no secret that wrestling plays a big part in Rugby.All the pro teams now know....

Private Tuition

Take your results on to the next level what ever your goal is weather its to get fit, help self defence, cross....

MMA Wrestling

Freestyle wrestling has evolved techniques, rules and wrestlers are changing styles each generation.
Some parts of wrestling may work for your sport some may not but we are here to help and tailor the sessions to suit your needs, So who better to train with than us! Michael Grundy and his team are Current elite wrestlers who have traveled the world training and competing against the best of the best passing there wrestling knowledge to some of the Worlds best MMA Fighters, Rugby Stars and Wrestlers. Some people say freestyle is the toughest sport on the planet trained by some of the worlds best athletes due to the discipline, work ethic and intensity it involves.

Our Mission Statement

As we know freestyle wrestling is not as popular in the UK as it is in the States and there are very few coaches up to date with the system and techniques etc. As we are an up to date generation of coaches/Athletes Our mission is to help promote freestyle wrestling and help UKMMA, RLFC, RUFC, to get a better understanding of wrestling and how we can help them in there sports. We also show a great interest in the grass roots "the children are the future" so we have 2 clubs NON PROFIT ORGANISATIONS some of our coaches teach at least 60 children a week how to wrestle. So our aim is to teach the correct techniques be professional as possible and ensure our students gain confidence and be the best they can be whether that is for club level,elite level or just a one off seminar we teach at your gym.

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Advertising is essential in the right industry to building your business. Take a look at the packages we have to offer and how we can help make your business grow by promoting it to the teams and Athletes we work with.

  • Promote Your business by placing logo's on our tshirts and literature
  • We host at least 12 MMA wrestling seminars a year
  • We have coached numerous super league rugby teams wrestling for rugby
  • 2012 we was booked in and coached at 10 different MMA gyms in the UK
  • We coach at 4 different clubs on a weekly basis

We own 2 freestyle wrestling clubs non profit organisations in wigan and skelmersdale                                                                                 Read More..

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